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Peace, Love & NoStigmas

There is a stigma surrounding mental health and too often people cease to get the help they need in fear of being a part of that stigma. Jacob Moore founded NoStigmas, a social movement for mental health equality. He lost his father to suicide at age 6 and struggled personally with clinical depression and panic disorder. Ultimately, he discovered a whole-person approach to mental wellness, which included: nutrition, fitness, professional and peer support. Wanting to give back, Jacob created a community called NoStigmas where people could share their story and learn about mental health without feeling alone or ashamed. 

NoStigmas is a global non-profit movement utilizing Peer-2-Peer connections to promote mental wellness and prevent suicide. Their unique individual approach provides education, support systems and access to mental health resources at no cost. They empower a community of mental wellness through inspiring events, dynamic public speakers and stories of hope. The mission of NoStigmas is to raise awareness and erase the stigmas about suicide and mental illness by educating the general public about mental health, helping those affected by mental illness, and sharing inspiring stories of hope.

We are honored to collaborate with Jacob and NoStigmas in hopes to one day live in a world with peace, love and #nostigmas! A portion of sales from the collaboration tee and $3 for any other Happy Soul tee sold in the month of September will directly benefit NoStigmas. Be a part of the movement and be the change! Visit them at NoStigmas.org. Visit us at HappySoulApparel.com

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  • Casey Maenza
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