Hello Happy Souler...thank you for visiting!

I am so grateful that our paths have crossed.  Happy Soul Apparel is on a mission to spread the message of peace, love and happiness to the world. We strive to send positive energy and inspire all to love life despite our struggles.

Here is a bit more about me and how Happy Soul came to be. In December of 2011, the unthinkable happened...my father ended his life. A year and a half later my uncle ended his life as well. Several years earlier, I also lost a dear friend to suicide. These events shook me to the core, leaving me with a shattered heart, a lost soul, questioning life and my entire existence. My path was derailed, and I searched tirelessly for my purpose here on Earth. I knew that I needed to channel this pain to help others find love, purpose and joy in their lives...and so Happy Soul was born. My losses have lead me to make significant changes in my life, and I want to share that inspiration with you. They have taught me to enjoy the simple things, to treat all beings with kindness and compassion, and to make deeper connections with nature and the people I love...to do more of what makes my soul happy.

I reside in New Orleans, Louisiana, with my husband, Jason, my daughter, Marley, my son, Silas, and two four-legged friends, Diesel and Mocha. We enjoy feeding the ducks in the park, watching sunsets over the lakefront and vacationing at the beach. My passion is all things health and happiness...body, mind and spirit. 

For every shirt sold, $3 is donated to non-profit organizations that support mental health initiatives. I hope to bring help and awareness in honor of my dad and all loved ones lost, as well as those who are struggling. We all deserve to be happy, and what a wonderful world it would be without suffering. 

Check out our tees and find you one that makes your soul happy :) We love seeing happy soulers wearing our shirts, so be sure to join the #HappySoulMovement on Facebook, Instagram @HappySoulApparel and Twitter @HappSoulApparel.

Love and light,